Payment data, cleaned.

Zizy lets you clean payment data and provide the user with a fresh look on his spendings.

trusted by the largest

digital banks

from Europe and the USA


100 M

monthly transactions 


28 countries

incl. UK and the USA

world's largest


of cleaned merchants

Visual transaction feed made easy.

The data you need

All the stuff you and your users need and none that you don't.

Clean merchant name

Get rid of the useless words and provide a readable merchant name.

Clean merchant address

The exact address for each merchant.

Security and compliance

We built the API with security in mind and we invest heavily as we grow.

Merchant logo

An image is worth 1000 words. We provide a visual look of the merchant.

Business Categorization

Give each merchant a category and organize the information.


We only ask for the right amount of data, in order to protect user privacy. Nothing less, nothing more.

Coverage in both Europe and the US.


Drop us a message in order to show you a demo of how it would work.